Age of Empires IV High GPU Usage

Age of Empires IV liked by many players but it has some issues like high GPU usage in some computers. Lots of player comment liked that in gaming forms;

“Anyone else that has a 2070 Super with issues and/or fixed issues and what can I do to help it? I have tried everything with minimal settings even that doesn´t work.” Sev / Steam Form

I have a RTX 3070ti and the GPU usage is just crazy. With no antialiasing, and texture set to medium, the game is still using way too much GPU power. “

Naubunaga / Steam Form

Possible fixes for high GPU usage for Age of Empires IV

May one of the following ways will fix problem for Age of Empires IV, yet none of them will fix it too. These are some suggestion from community;

  • Install better cooling for your PC, up to liquid cooling
  • Try to limit FPS for a game. By default it is not limited I believe.
  • Reduce graphics settings: antialiasing, textures and so on.
  • Wait till game patched more
  • Update drivers and GeForceNow
  • Try putting the fps limiter on.

If none of these will work for you can try using general tactics for decreasing power consumption of your GPU.

Resolve High GPU Usage in Windows 10:

1. Install the latest graphics card drivers for your GPU – Just in case there is a bug with your driver thats causing the high GPU issue:

2. Check in Task Manager and see what program is using your GPU – If it’s not a program you have heard of before then it could potentially be a virus. If it is a program that you know then check if it has any updates or perhaps remove the program from your computer

Age of Empires IV High GPU Usage
Age of Empires IV High GPU Usage

3. Scan for viruses on your PC or laptop – It could be a virus that is causing high GPU usage

4. Make sure your GPU is fitted correctly in your computer

If you are still getting an issue with high GPU usage then it might actually be an issue with Windows 10 so you could try reinstalling Windows and see if that helps resolve the high GPU usage. If it does not then your graphics card could be faulty so try fitting your GPU into another system and see if you get the same issue.

For graphic comparison you can watch video below. If lower graphic doesn’t botter you best solution for this problem is lowering your graphics usage.

You can check for many others solutions and guides.


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