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Among Us Dead By Daylight Mode, Rules, Formats, Gameplay, and More!

Among Us Dead By Daylight Mode 2021 – Get to know that Among Us Dead By Daylight Mode is a mode with slightly different gameplay with new rules and limitations. Read this article to know more about the Dead By Daylight Mode and its rules.

Among Us Dead By Daylight Mode 2021

Know that Among Us is a very famous online multiplayer game that is developed and published by Innersloth. This game is massively popular among Android users, the 2D co-op game has grown one of the biggest games on the Play Store. You can now escape the interesting yet monotonous default game mode of Among Us with Among Us Dead By Daylight Mode. How would it be if you know the imposter at the very beginning of the game and they can’t kill you for some time? Yes, sounds fun but you have limitations too. The dead by daylight, Among Us game mode, is very exciting to play. New Among Us Game Settings and Among Us is a multiplayer online game you can play with your friends where one among you is an imposter who’d kill everyone unless you find the imposter and throw them away. This game has become popular during the lockdown and is played by millions of people. The game has only one mode to play and it might bore some. 

Among Us Dead By Daylight Rules

The Dead by Daylight mode is quite similar to the present hyped Hide and Seek mode. However, it concerns a few more changes in the set of rules.

  • No Emergency Meetings can be called in-game.
  • Crewmates need to finish all their tasks to win the game before the impostor kills the entire crew.
  • Impostors are only allowed to sabotage Communications at the very beginning of the game and switch off the lights.
  • Crewmates shall know and be well aware of the impostor in the game.
  • Before the game starts, the impostor shall stand still and give a countdown of a certain time period in the starting point of the lobby, and crewmates are supposed to utilize those few seconds for a head start to complete their tasks as fast as they can.
  • Crewmates cannot fix the lights or Communications sabotaged by the impostor.
  • Dead bodies in the game can’t be reported.

What Is The Game Format To Follow In The Dead By Daylight Mode?

Find the in-game settings to follow in the Dead by Daylight format,

  • Visual Tasks – Off
  • Common tasks – 2
  • Long tasks – 2
  • Short tasks – 3
  • Kill Cooldown – 27.5 seconds
  • Player Speed – 0.75x
  • Crewmate Vision – 5x
  • Impostor Vision – 0.25x
  • Kill Distance – Short

This mode also adds a completely new outlook to Among Us’ gameplay style. This is because of the unique minds who have modified the concepts of the Dead by Daylight video game as well as have taken inspiration to mold it in Among Us.

How To Play Dead By Daylight In Among Us?

Gamers must only set up Dead By Daylight in private Among Us lobbies as with all mods as well as custom game modes. This is because these game modes are not very much technically supported by Innersloth while writing, gamers will have to have a high level of cooperation with each another as well as stick to house rules. The one and only surefire way to keep everyone playing good, only try these game modes with friends or even family. Notice that Imposters must kill all crewmates to win the game in this version of Among Us or crewmates should finish all their tasks.

  • Get to know that the rules of Dead By Daylight mode are very simple.
  • At the initial stage of a new game, Impostors should either call an emergency meeting or can even announce themselves through voice chat.
  • This is done so that the crewmates immediately know who they are.
  • After that is done, the Impostor/Impostors will have to stand in a central location as well as give a countdown, literally around 20 or 30 seconds.
  • During this time, crewmates have to get a head start on tasks.

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