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Apex Legends Chaos Theory Patch Notes

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Patch Notes Buffed and Nerfed Champions ;Details of the Chaos Theory event have been explained. We have prepared all the changes awaiting players in the new patch

When Will Apex Legends Chaos Theory Come?

The event, which will start on March 9, will last for 2 weeks and end on March 23 . 

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Patch Notes

Apex Legends Solo Queue Change

When you  were not playing  with your friends ,  foreign players who came to your team were negatively affecting your game quality from time to time. However, with the new patch, the  ‘No  Fill  feature that   comes to Apex Legends  will allow  you to fight alone  against other  teams on the  battlefield .  

Apex Legends – Buffed Champions


  • Low profile passive removed. 


  • Revenant’s Silence ability now disables Mirage’s Cloaked revive & Respawn and Octane’s Swift Mend ability.


  • Wattson now has passive shield regen at 0.5  hp / second.


  • Explosives normally deal damage to AmpedCover instead of 200 damage. 
  • Explosives normally deal damage to Sheila instead of 175 damage. 

Apex Legends – Nerfed Champions


  •  Removed the ability to heal 15% faster while in the Dome of Protection  . 


  • Black Hole’s cooldown has been increased from  2 minutes to 3 minutes. 


  • Nox Gas Grenade’s cooldown has been increased from  2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.   
  • Nox Gas deals damage at a fixed rate of 5hp per item, rather than rising from 6hp → 12hp. 
Apex Legends Chaos Theory

Apex Legends Weapon Updates

Weapon Optics

  • All gold AR and LMG default optics have been  updated to 2x  Bruiser . 


  • Pel l meat  damage has been reduced from 13 to 11. Fire rate increased from 1.0 to 1.1. 


  • Magazine capacity increased by 1 unit. 


  • A tes spread is  increased. 

Apex Legends Game Quality Changes

Kings Canyon Loot

  • While Mirage  Voyage  retains a certain amount of loot after it flies away, a toggle on loot has been made to increase the quality of the map. 
  • Each of the wooden huts on the map now has a few more pieces and a little better quality. 
  • Spotted Lake has been reduced from High to Medium Quality. 
  • Crash  Site, the loot in the region has been redistributed. Higher quality loot has been added, although the amount remained the same. 
  • Caustic Treatment now has more loot than Water Treatment.

Locked Weapon Optical Replacement  

  • Weapons with fully locked mounts, such as full-featured gold guns and most chest weapons, can now remove the optics and replace them with a different scope. However, these changes  do not apply to the  Kraber rifle. 
  • Assists have been added to the in -game  interface next to kills. This was  already available in Ranked matches and is now added to regular matches. Assists still do not contribute to XP.
  • Assists and Kills have been added to your team’s banners and will be displayed at the end of the match. 
  • Club names will now appear on the “Match Summary” and “Champion” screen if all players are part of the same club. 
  • Merchandise now  replicators to  when left  Crafting Replicator  “will not stick.”  

Badge Progression

  • For badges that progress longer, hovering over the badge will show you more information. For example, if you are trying to get 50 wins as ” Lifeline “, you will now find that you have 45 instead of somewhere between 15 and 50. 

Gold Backpack

  • Players who spawn with a golden backpack will receive an energy sound during the respawn, depending on their armor level. They will also be able to show the armor healing effect when the revival ends.  

Other Changes

  • Players on the PC can now go back from the lobby to the title screen to allow data centers to be changed without restarting the game. 
  • Numbers have been added to Advanced View Controls. This will help people try it out and get back to their favorite settings easily.
  • When scanning a mark for Ring 6, players can now see where Ring 6 ends.Apex Legends Chaos Theory

Apex Legends Bug Fixes


  •  Fixed the issue where Gibraltar was not hit when firing and releasing ADS at the same time with the Weapon Shield open  . 


  • Wraith players can no longer cancel Into the Void by jumping into the wall. 
  • The new Skydive i expression will now work with “Legendary Skins”. 


  • Fixed an issue that caused Nox Gas to flicker for some players affected by it. 


  • The  animation that reveals Crypto’s Drone can no longer  be  skipped by holospray . 


  • Fixed several areas that could cause the Loba to get stuck by teleporting. 


  • Players can no longer use Sheila to enter the world when placed too close to the Phase Runner on Olympus. 


  • Fixed Gravity Elevator falling off the floor when used on train tracks in WorldEdge’s Sorting Factory. 
  • Using wire rope after Gravity Lift will no longer increase accuracy.


  • Motherload will now damage and destroy jump pads. 
  • While encased, players will no longer be pushed out after using Motherload. 
  • Players can no longer double grenades after looting a dead Fuse’s death box. 


  • Dropping and removing Mastiff will no longer cause it to reload. 

3030 Repeater 

  • Dropping and grabbing 30-30 will no longer cause it to reload.
  • 30-30 will now have propagation deviation when ADS fires and jumps.


  • Fixed a bug preventing Steam users from sending friend requests to each other. 
  • Usernames are now updated when switching between Origin Client and Steam Client. 
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from creating or joining clubs because EA Accounts were already associated with another platform.

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