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Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters |Character Tier List

Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters ; of course, each player has their own list of top 10 fighters and some fighters are good at their own maps. But for this list, we have listed the best of the best, based on overall stats, compatibility with game mods, and rarity.

Here is  our list of Brawl Stars 10 Best Character 2021 .

Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters

1. PAM

Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters
Brawl Stars 10 Best Character: Pam

Pam is a mid-range shooter game with a wide variety of abilities. The number one reason it is the best right now is its versatility. His super ability allows him to summon a tower that heals himself and surrounding allies. This alone makes him the best overall character in Brawl Stars.

The best game modes will be Gem Grab , Showdown and Siege . It doesn’t mean it isn’t superior to other game modes. In fact, it’s great in most modes and maps! Finally, it’s not too hard to unlock, as its rarity is Epic (3rd rare).


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters
Brawl Stars 10 Best Character: Leon

The only reason Leon came in second was because he was Legendary, the rare character type. This means it is extremely difficult to have free players unless you are incredibly lucky.

What sets Leon apart from the rest is his Super, which has good attack strength, agility and invisibility.

When he first came out, many people thought he was overpowering. Supercell had no choice but to piss him off over and over again. But even if that was the case, he’s still a great brawler overall today. Leon’s best game modes will be Gem Grab , Showdown and Bounty .


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters
Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters: Penny

Penny is a long-range fighter who throws a bag of coins that hurts the target and everyone standing behind him. His Super is a mortar that deals incredible damage to everyone within range.

Unleash Penny’s true talent by loading a mortar, Super. Enemy fighters will find it frustrating to have to constantly dodge mortar shells and will deal incredible damage if it fails.

 As such, Penny’s best game modes will be Gem GrabBountySiege and Big Game 

In general, an open map that can cover its air is the best playground for Penny and a nightmare for her enemies.


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters
Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters: El Primo

El Primo is the true definition of the word warrior when fighting with a punch at his enemies. His Super is where he jumps to a specific area that deals damage to anyone caught.
El Primo is just a Rare type and one of the best starting characters in Brawl Stars that deals massive damage.

Apart from that, his health is the highest in the game at 5,800 which is the same as Frank. This is offset by the fact that he must be close to his enemies, but when he corner them, they will be destroyed. The best game modes will be some maps in Boss Fight , Brawl Ball Robo Rumble and Showdown .


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters
Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters: Rosa

His fists are like that of El Primo, but with a wider and longer range. As for Super, he is covered in a tough plant life that allows him to reduce damage from enemies by 80% for 6 seconds.

The best thing about Rosa is that she is a Rare type which allows most gamers to get her easily. Now when it comes to the best game modes, usually Brawl Ball, Big Game, and Gem Grab are also superior. Rosa is good at countering long range fighters and even short range fighters when her Super is activated.


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters
Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters: Bull

Bull is the character who wears a shotgun that deals incredible damage on closer inspection. His super ability allows him to overcome obstacles and push back enemies to escape from his enemies.

A common genre, Bull is one of the best starting characters in Brawl Stars. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see 3 or more bulls in Showdown as it is one of the best game modes other than Heist. His fast reload speed and damage-dealing attack make him a difficult character to deal with. To truly unleash its full potential, it is best played on bushes and walled maps because it easily counteracts almost any brawler at close range.


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters

Nita’s basic attack is a thunderous shockwave and summons a big bear to fight alongside him as Super. Did we mention his high health, strong attack and bear that made Nita on this list? Don’t let the bear’s intelligence deceive you, it will follow its enemies and deal a large amount of damage if handled alone. Better still is that the bear can be summoned anywhere as long as it is within range. This gives Nita an unlimited amount of combination moves for offense or defense.


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters

Jessie’s basic attack is a stun rifle that launches energy orbs that bounce between enemies. Its signature ability is a deadly turret that automatically fires shells at enemies in range.

Jessie is one of the best fighters for team game mods. It is best played in game modes such as Heist , Siege and Boss Fight . Enemies moving close in a group will have no choice but to move away from each other while his attack bounces off them. What makes his tower special is that if you have Star Power, you can fire it up to heal it.


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters

Barley attacks enemies that deal splash damage by throwing bottles. His superpower is a big batch as he bombards his opponents with fire bottles.

Barley is a Rare character and has low health. It makes up for this as a long-range character with a unique attack type. His attack resembles Dynamike, which gives them the ability to attack over walls. But Barley’s advantage is that his bottles engulf the target area with flames, hitting everyone, especially those who stay in that area.
Top game modes include Heist , Big Game, and Siege . Barley is good on maps with lots of walls that allow him to attack without getting hit.


Brawl Stars 10 Best Characters

Spike is a Legendary character who throws cactus bombs that damage everyone within range. For Super, he throws a field of cactus thorn that slows down and damages his enemies.

The only two reasons Spike is at the bottom of the list are its rarity and slow movement speed. Apart from that, it excels in most game modes like Gem Grab , ShowdownSiege and Brawl Ball. With enough aiming practice, Spike can deal a significant amount of damage to grouped enemies and even one-on-one.

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