Counter-Strike Global Offensive Why do people like dust 2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive : Why do people like dust 2?

Players always wondered why Dust 2 is too popular on CS:GO. One of the player ask this question in steam form like this;

I don’t really get it. It’s the perfect map to keep in cs since it hordes all the cheaters and keeps them out of real maps, but other than that… What’s so special about it other than age, which other maps have anyway? The sightlines are poor, it encourages AWP spam and strategies on it are mostly one-note and boring. It’s not a very popular map for teamplay, it’s extremely T-sided in comparison to every other map which is a rather odd stat, and it’s frankly a bit ugly despite having been recently remade.

What is it about this map that people actually enjoy? I seriously cannot tell. Are dust 2 lovers just masochists who like bad map design? Is it the cheaters and trolls who love it and that vocal minority is just loud enough to make it seem like it’s everyone?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive : Why do people like dust 2?

Opinion 1

It’s simple and easy to learn,a lot of people can’t play nuke or inferno they just get tilted because it can become very one sided,dust 2 in that sense is way different it’s straight routes to bombsites make it easy for new comers to play and well I speak for myself I have played over 3000 comp games including loses I’ve probably played dust 2 90% of the time,its iconic and just always nice to return even after big losses,there’s people who dream at school they’ll get back home and play csgo on dust 2 lol trust me very loved map.

Opinion 2

I think it’s because Dust 2 is a map that appears in almost all kinds of CSGO-like games. Rather than focusing on its playability, it’s probably just because that it’s more classic

Opinion 3

Dust 2 is easy, that’s why people love it!Easy to read the enemy, easy to controll, easy to rotate… it never gets boring imho!

Opinion 4

Mirage has way more cheaters than Dust 2 and has not been around for nearly as long: why do people like Mirage?
Dust 2 is a simple, elegant, and standard CS map that has been around since classic CS.
It is also more balanced than most other maps (e.g. Ancient or Office or Train).
It’s also not a map with a lot of insane boosts or utility (like Vertigo or Overpass), or which pretty much demands complex utility (like Inferno).
The real question is why people don’t like Cache more, since it meets many of the same criteria.

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