failed-to-load-steamui-dll solution problem

Fatal Error – Failed to Load steamui.dll Problem Solution

Steam user GJohns902 reported Fatal Error – Failed to Load steamui.dll in steam forum. Here is his issue;

A few days ago, I became unable to open Steam. Everytime I tried to open Steam, it crashed before loading with the message “Fatal error, failed to load steamui.dll”.
I have tried all of the following methods:
– restarting the computer
– checking for memory errors
– checking for hard drive errors
– a “soft reinstall” where I redownloaded Steam to the exact same folder, hoping to overwrite any corrupted core Steam files
– completely uninstalling Steam, then reinstalling it. (I do have the old “steamapps” folder in a separate location, so my game data is still intact)
Nothing has worked so far and I don’t know what else to do. I’m using Windows 10 on a older computer.

Fatal Error – Failed to Load steamui.dll Problem Solution

– Solution 1

Solution that worked for me after trying the other ones
from launch commands to reinstall and other stuff
install Windows update that are in queue or notified by your windows because they are important,
and most of the time they include .net framework and other stuff that are essential !!!
so installing those updates fixed it for me 🙂


– Solution 2

First, right click on the Steam icon you use to launch the game and select Properties. You should see a “Target” field in the ShortCut tab (it should open to the shortcut tab and be right there in front of you). At the end of the text in the Target field add this:

-nochatui -nofriendsui

This turns the UI (user interface) off for both the client and friends list causing them both to be the old UI before the update. Steamui.dll has to do with the UI, and that’s the problem.
Maybe disabling the new UI might cause it to run for you.

Second, One of the computers I use Steam on is 12 years old and still runs like the beast of a machine it is (it’s still very closely comparable to a “top-of-the-line” gaming PCs even now, 12 years after I built it). That proves the age of a machine is irrelevant.

You didn’t mention if you tried to install Steam to a new location. Try installing it to a different hard drive completely if you have more than one, or at least a different drive letter. If neither of the other suggestions above worked, which they should have, I’m at a loss. If installing steam to a different drive doesn’t correct it so the client launches escalate this to Steam support and don’t let them direct you to the community. You’re here now trying that.

You don’t have to delete your games. You can copy/paste the steamapps folder to the new install but before you do that see if it runs from another drive first.

Third, check the properties of the steamui.dll for it’s permission attributes. Neither “Read Only” or “Hidden” should be checked. They should be blank. If either of those are checked the program might not be able to access it, therefore the program can’t load it.

I find it very extremely odd that replacing the steamui.dll didn’t cause it to work. Are you sure you did it right? I don’t mean to offend! Not at all! Everyone whoopsies, and not everyone is savvy with computers.

Fourth, Firewall? Anti-virus? Turn them completely off, even uninstall them, and see if that’s what’s causing the error. Firewalls, including windows firewall and windows defender, can do this. Some anti-virus programs (Namely Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, and Avast) SUCK!!!!!!!! They block things they shouldn’t. One of the downfalls commonly ran in to with Kaspersky is it has 237589327895071895037218953758129053215325 settings to it that you HAVE to go through and set almost every one of them up or it’s going to block things it shouldn’t. Kaspersky can’t just be installed, forgotten, and left run with it’s default settings. It has to be set up.

It doesn’t matter which order you try these suggestions in.
I hope one of them does it.

– Solution 3

having the same issue on windows 10 – steam refused to load for over a day (it’d start, but would never get past logging me in), so i tried to uninstall it in a way that saved my games.
i re-installed it, but apparently steamui.dll wasn’t installed at all, so it won’t launch. i don’t even know where that dll is supposed to go, so i can’t replace it myself. very frustrating.
update: had to copy an installation of steam from 2015 from an old hard drive. it… worked, i guess, but this still haunts and vexes me

– Solution 4

I followed this guide after the latest Windows update and it resolved the issue Hope this helps, good luck!, Luke

– Solution 5

Ok, got mine to work. Finally. Here is how I did it, YMMV.

1. Uninstall Steam using the standard Windows 10 Uninstall.
2. Make sure this directory is empty C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
3. Download the Steam app directly from the Steam website, don’t use Ninite or a file you downloaded earlier.
4. Go to downloads and right-click “SteamSetup.exe” and select “run as administrator. It should then start to install, during the install you will get an option with a box already checked “run steam”, UNCHECK and finish.
5. Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam folder and right click steam and select “Run as administrator again”, it should then finish and you should be gold.
6. Good Luck!, I’ll monitor this post for a few days if anyone has questions.

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