Genshin Impact 1.4 Release Date and Rosaria Details






Genshin Impact 1.4 Release Date and Rosaria Details  ; Would you like to know about the Genshin Impact 1.4 update ? What are ROSARIA Skills ? Mihoyo has been somewhat silent about the next wave of events coming soon, but despite being at least a few weeks away, there are a few details about what to expect. With this new update comes a new festival complete with own side activities and main quests players must complete, as well as at least one new Genshin Impact character.

While not much is known about the Windblume festival, there are many rumors and speculations about what you can do during this festive season. In fact, we know a lot more about the new character coming to Genshin Impact .

IS ROSARIA GENSHIN COMING TO IMPACT? In the Genshin Impact 1.4 update, we gathered a lot of information about everything you need to know, from the expected release date to the brand new character and details about the Windblume festival. What are ROSARIA CAPABILITIES? There isn’t much time to wait for this update to drop, so let’s start with the release date.

Genshin Impact 1.4 Release Date and Rosaria Details


As Mihoyo confirms that updates will drop every six weeks, we can predict that the Genshin Impact 1.4 release date is around March 17 , but there is currently no confirmed release date for the update. This is because the 1.3 update was released on February 3rd.

Genshin Impact 1.4 Release Date and Details


As in the previous update, the Genshin Impact 1.4 update includes the Windblume festival. So far, the only concrete information we have specifically about the Windblume festival is that it will take place in Mondstadt.

However, if the Lantern Rite event in 1.3 is something to pass, we will have some knowledge of what to expect. This event required players to be Adventure Rank 23 or above and complete a few special missions. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, you can do at the Lantern Rite event:

  • Complete new missions to get BEP
  • Multiple story missions to unlock valuable items like Primogems and Hero’s Wit
  • Side quests to obtain Bonfire and valuable items
  • An award-winning board game of talismans and crests of peace
  • Xiao lanterns you can craft using resources

As for the rumors about what events to attend during the Windblume festival, there will be talk about a flight and shooting event to test your mobility and shooting skills. A rhythm game has also been sung, but what this entails was not expanded.


Rosaria is almost certainly the next Genshin Impact character. A leak by @dimbreathjr on Twitter shows some animations of the red-haired spearman. Inside we see Rosaria taking a combo, a loaded attack, and a sweet dip in the river.

We’ve also seen a lot of leaks about his abilities and the skills he was able to access. Rosaria is a Cryo character who attacks with a series of poles to devastate enemies. Here are her leaked talents and skills (thanks Honey Hunter World):


Devastating Confession – Shifts position behind target opponent, then stabs with a pole, dealing Cryo damage. It only works on enemies the same size or smaller as Rosaria. Annulment
Ceremonies – Rosaria shakes her pole, slashing enemies around, then summons an ice spear to strike the ground. Both attacks deal Cryo damage. While the ice lance is active, it periodically emits a burst of cold air to deal Cryo damage to nearby enemies


Night Walk – Increases the movement speed of party members by 10% at night (18:00 – 6:00). Does not work in AoE, Trounce AoE, or Spiral Abyss, and cannot stack with the same effects on other passive abilities.
Extracted Confession – Rosaria, when hit from behind by an enemy ravaging Confession, critical hit rate increases of 12% for five seconds.
Shadow Samaritan – Using Termination Rites Increases the critical strike rate of all close party members except Rosaria to 15% of Rosaria’s critical hit rate for ten seconds. The critical hit rate bonus earned in this way cannot exceed 15%.


Unholy Revelation – Rosaria gains 10% attack speed and 10% increase in basic attack damage for four seconds after hitting a critical hit.
Land Without Promise – Ice Lance’s duration, created by Rites of Termination, is increased by four seconds.
Sacrament of Penance – Increases the level of Destructive Confession by three (up to a maximum of 15).
Amazing Disgrace – Ravaging Confession’s critical hits generate five energies for Rosaria. This can only be triggered once in Ravaging Confession use.
Extreme Unction – Increases the level of Termination Rites by three (up to a maximum of 15).
Divine Retribution – Rites of Termination’s attack reduces enemies‘ physical resistance by 20% for ten seconds.

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