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How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village?

How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village – If you are a Resident Evil Village player then definitely you will be wondering how to beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. Then You can get to know from this article everything about Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village?

Developed by Capcom, Resident Evil Village was released recently in 2021. The game has gained huge popularity soon after the release. The boss fights in the game are really challenging and the players are very much excited about the boss fights. Lady Dimitrescu in the game is one of the first bosses that players will come across. She might not seem to be very difficult as the bosses in the latter stages but definitely, it is challenging to bet Lady Dimitrescu in the game.

Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village

There are a total of two stages of the Boss fight against Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. Check below the two stages to beat Lady Dimitrescu:

Stage One

  • The first form is not very aggressive.
  • The players have to fill up the ammo which is fairly scarce in the game.
  • Then they need to bring in specific guns like the shotgun which can damage this boss.
  • The best way to kill Lady Dimitrescu is by attacking her weak spot. Keep on hitting the weak part to deal damage on Lady Dimitrescu.
  • Attacking her anywhere other than her weak spot will only be a waste of the ammo. 

Stage Two

  • The Lady Dimitrescu final form will bring Ethan on the top of a tall spire.
  • This part is the most difficult form in the game.
  • Beating the lady will require a lot more than just fast attacking that is some luck.
  • The players should get specific weapons like the shotgun and the sniper to kill Lady Dimitrescu.
  • Her attacks will get more powerful and almost impossible to kill.
  • Be prepared to dodge as many attacks as possible.
  • Lady Dimitrescu final form also has a weak spot.
  • Just keep attacking the same weak spot until she is defeated.

Boss Fights In Resident Evil Village

Below given is the list of boss fights in Resident Evil Village:

Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra

  • Reward – Crystal Torso (5000 Lei)

Lady Dimitrescu

  • Reward – Crystal Dimitrescu (25,000 Lei)

Donna Beneviento

  • Reward – Unborn Key, Angie (28,000 Lei)


  • Reward – Crystal Moreau (40,000 Lei)


  • Reward – Crystal Hammer (35,000 Lei)


  • Reward – Crystal Heisenberg (70,000 Lei)

Urias Strajer

  • Reward – Crystal Mace (60,000 Lei)

Mother Miranda

  • Reward – Rose

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