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How To Download Minecraft Dungeons

How to download Minecraft Dungeons, the dungeon crawler set in the universe of Mojang’s popular sandbox game Minecraft, where to buy the game?

Minecraft Dungeons is one of the games Mojang has developed in the Minecraft universe. There are creatures and enemy creatures in the Minecraft universe in the game , we are trying to defeat the Arch-Illager by passing various stages in Minecraft Dungeons , which is inspired by the dungeon crawler genre . Staying true to the inspired genre, there are various bosses and enemies in the dungeons we have overcome, and items that help us improve our character.

So how to download Minecraft Dungeons , which has cross play support on all platforms , where to buy the game? In this content, we answered the questions in your mind, we hope we were able to help.

How to Download Minecraft Dungeons?

You have many different options depending on the platform you use to buy the game. You can buy the game from the PS Store if you are a PlayStation user , from the Microsoft Store if you are a PC, Xbox or Android player , or from the Nintendo store if you want to play on Switch .

Purchasing Minecraft Dungeons (PC, Xbox)

If you want to play the game on your computer or Xbox , you have two options.

Purchased from the Microsoft Store: If you want to play the game constantly Microsoft Store from 56 per in exchange for Minecraft Dungeons is you can buy. If you want a longer and more varied game experience, you can also get the Hero Edition version, which includes DLCs ,  for  $ 19.99.

Then you can enjoy Minecraft Dungeons by installing the game on your Windows via the Xbox app . If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can also play the game on your Android devices via xCloud .

Purchasing Minecraft Dungeons (PlayStation)

If you are a PlayStation 4 or 5 player , you need to buy the game from PS Store by clicking here . While the price of Minecraft Dungeons on PlayStation Store is $ 19.99 , if you want to buy a Hero Edition , you have to pay $ 29.99.

Let’s not forget that you need a PlayStation Plus membership to play the game online .

Buying Minecraft Dungeons (Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch users can purchase the game from Nintendo’s store. Minecraft Dungeons costs $ 20, and the Hero Edition is $ 30.

We hope our article helped you, you can share your ideas or questions with us in the comments section. We wish everyone a good game.

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