How to Get Better at Fortnite? 5 Best Tips






Fortnite is getting popular day by day. You want to play this game too, but do you find your self in really bad sitiutions and die all the time? We have a few recommendations for you. In this article we answered the question of “ How to Get Better at Fortnite? „

Being the most popular game of our day, Fortnite, as you can imagine, has been played by anyone who is related to the games in any way. However, if you want to play the Battle Royale game in a ‚good‘ way, not just for fun, there are things you need to know. Today we will talk about 5 things that will help you play this game better.

1. Don’t Go to Main Areas

It may seem like a very simple tactic, but it is very important that you don’t go to the main zone. Especially the middle zones will be full of more professional and good players. In short, they download you as they see you. So try to stay on the sides of Dusty Divot until the storm hits, rather than the middle of it, and try to collect as much loot from the houses there. 

2. Have You Found Any Loot Chest? Remember its place! 

how to get better at fortnite
How to Get Better at Fortnite

There are many different ways to find loot in Fortnite. You can smash a tree or you can enter a house and loot One of the best ways is to find a loot chest. There is even a website designed for you to find these chests. If you find any chest, it is very important that you remember where that chest is in the next round. Because in the next round (if someone has not opened the chest before) you can go and use that chest. Locations of loot chests may change with updates, but memorizing ballot locations is a critical point. 

3. Master in Building Basic Structures

You can learn how to easily build a 1×1 structure from the video belove. It is much more important to survive in Fortnite than to kill someone. If you make any simple build instantly, you can survive for a long time. Maybe you won’t leave until the storm hits. By the way, if you have purchased the game mode called ‚Save the World‘, you can practice a lot in this mode. 

How to Get Better at Fortnite

4. Edit Your Joystick or Keyboard Settings from ‚Builder Pro‘ 

how to get better at fortnite

Fortnite controls may seem cumbersome and difficult at first. That’s why you can easily get bored with the game. There is a way to make this difficult and slow-moving game more practical: Change your default settings to ‚Builder Pro‘. In this way, you can make a 1×1 structure in seconds.

5. Use Other Weapons Before Switching to the Shotgun

how to get better at fortnite
How to Get Better at Fortnite

Have you encountered a gun? Get that weapon and use it. Until you find any shotgun in the game, you can handle it and protect yourself better. But stay away from sniper guns, as they probably won’t do you any good.

After all, the only advice I will give you is if you can’t do anything, escape where you see people! I have been in the top 10 with this method. Of course, it is much easier to hide and escape in PUBG. 

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