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How To Get Wood In Genshin Impact, and Where to find Pine Wood?

How To Get Wood In Genshin Impact? Wood is one of the essential materials in Genshin Impact that is used for various purpose and But how to get wood ? There are many ways to get wood in Genshin Impact and here in this article we have gathered all the possible methods to collect the wood and the locations.

How To Get Wood In Genshin Impact?

Created by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in recent times. The game has a lot of exciting challenges and tasks to complete. Collecting wood in  Gesnshin Impact is very important as the collected wood is used in building and creating many items. In order to get wood, the players must follow certain methods. There are different types of wood and they are found in various locations. Check below the types of wood and the ways to get them.

Ways To Get Wood

Cut Trees To Get Wood

  • Some trees are found all over Teyvat. Just use the sword, claymore and polearm to attack the trees to get wood. The player can get 3 to 5 wood from one tree.

Respawns Daily

  • Wood materials have to be respawned every day when the server resets. This makes it easy to farm.

Wood Location

TreeWood TypeLocation
BirchBirch WoodMondstadt, Liyue,Windwail Highland
CuihuaCuihua WoodMondstadt, Liyue, Starfell Valley and Bishui Plain
PinePine WoodDragonspine
SandbearerSandbearer WoodLiyue, Minlin and Lisha
Qingce BambooBamboo SegmentsLiyue, Bishui Plain
CedarCedar WoodMondstadt, Starfell Valley
FirFir WoodMondstadt, Liyue, Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley

Where To Find Pine Wood ?

Pine Wood Locations are Entombed City – Ancient Palace, Snow-Covered Path, Wuwang Hill

The player has to venture to the chilly climes of Dragonspine for pine wood. There are other available spots to get Pinewood. 

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