How to unlearn professions in World of Warcraft






Would you like to change saddles and learn a new profession, but the trainer refuses? Unfortunately, you can only learn two main professions in World of Warcraft, such as tailoring or blacksmithing. In order to unlearn a job so that you have space for a new job, you have to do this manually in the job menu. Just follow these steps:

How to unlearn professions in World of Warcraft

  1. First of all, you need to open the Professions window. You can find it as a tab at the bottom of the character menu under ‚Skills‘ or simply by pressing the ‚K‘ key.
  2. There each profession has its own column with progress-learning bars. Exactly in front of this bar – to the left of it – you will find a small red circle.
  3. When you click on this red circle, a window opens where you can learn the respective trade. All you have to do is confirm this, and the profession is irrevocably unlearned.
  4. Attention: Even a gamemaster (GM) cannot restore the unlearned progress! This step should therefore be carefully considered if you have already invested a lot of work. Otherwise, you can alternatively start a new character with new professions.
How to unlearn professions in World of Warcraft

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