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Minecraft Fireworks Guide

Hello, dear friends, in this article we will tell you how to make Minecraft fireworks. Many minecraft players are very curious about this subject, which we will support with pictures. The firecracker came to the minecraft game in version 1.4.6 and is an item that has been added to the game for entertainment purposes only. You can have pleasant moments in the game with its colorful appearance and fun effects. You can celebrate your friend’s birthday and place fireworks on the cake you made for him.

How to Make Minecraft Fireworks?

To make fireworks, you first need to make a firework star in a color you want. You can also produce fireworks without making a firework star, but it won’t explode and it just moves. You can use 8 different colors on a fireworks star. We need a gunpowder to make a fireworks star. You can make different stars by putting the colors we want with this gunpowder. In the image below, you can see the firework star being made, because it is made in pink colors, the fireworks will be pink. For the firework star, we put a gunpowder in the middle upper space and fill the edges.

Minecraft Fireworks Guide
Minecraft Fireworks Guide

Let’s continue with the visuals and their construction.

If you do as in the figure at the above, put the paper and gunpowder on top of each other and put the firework star at the bottom, your fireworks is ready.

In order to show these fireworks in different ways, you need to use them in other materials such as diamond, heads (newly released face creeper, steve etc.) gold nugget (gold piece) feather (feather) fire charge and glowstone dust. You can put one of the materials I said on the side.

Note: You can adjust the flight time by adding more gunpowder.

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