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Outriders: Trickster Detailed Character Guide

In this part of our Outriders guide, you will learn detailed information about the Trickster character class. We’ve provided the character’s skill list, class tree, and tips on how to improve your game.

Trickster Gameplay Style

Trickster is a character who specializes in hit and run tactics, excels in short range attacks. His skills mostly focus on quickly approaching and playing with opponents. For example, it surprises the opponent by using a skill that slows all bullets. Melee abilities apply a Slow effect to their targets.

Outriders Trickster Guide

When choosing Trickster, keep in mind that your passive ability heals you when you kill an opponent at close range and further encourages this type of play style. These kills restore part of Trickster’s Shield as well as heal them. When playing as this character class, it’s best to choose close range weapons, such as a range of weapons designed for medium and close range combat, or just a shotgun. You can choose an assault rifle, shotgun or a submachine gun.

These weapon combos will allow you to shoot your enemies from medium range while waiting for your skills to recharge, making you a particularly close range threat.

Character’s Abilities

Outriders Trickster Guide

Trickster is a particularly unique character who is the only character who can bend spacetime and teleport to manipulate his targets. Below we have listed some sample skills of Trickster:

  • Temporal Blade: Paralyzes and deals damage to enemies. Interrupts enemy abilities and applies a Slow effect to them;
  • Slow Trap: Creates an Anomaly that applies a 10 second Slow effect to enemies. This ability also slows bullets down;
  • Hunt the Prey: Teleports you behind the chosen enemy. You also get a Shield bonus;
  • Twisted Rounds: Fills your magazine with Anomaly and increases damage dealt. This effect lasts until you reload or replace your weapons.

Character Class Tree

Outriders Trickster Guide

Like every class found in Outriders, Trickster has three unique subclasses that define their play style:

  • The Assassin: Focuses mostly on increasing close range weapon damage (shotgun), attacking from behind and reducing cooldowns of skills that increase movement speed;
  • The Harbinger: Focuses on increasing Health, Shield or Resistance;
  • The Reaver: Has many passive skills that increase Anomaly damage.

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