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Ryan Reynolds’ Time Travel-themed Netflix Movie

Ryan Reynolds’ Time Travel-themed Netflix Movie ;Ryan Reynolds, the screen face of Marvel’s impenetrable anti-hero Deadpool, will star in a time-travel-themed Netflix movie. As of today, some details about the project have emerged.

Ryan Reynolds , who played in a Netflix movie for the first time with the 2019 production 6 Underground , directed by Michael Bay, is preparing to appear with another production to be released on the digital broadcasting platform.

The American actor, who won the hearts with the character of Deadpool, will star in a new Netflix movie called The Adam Project , which deals with the time travel theme . Screenwriter Jonathan Tropper , who recently had an interview with Collider , gave new information on The Adam Project’s plot .

“Time travel was just a tool for me,” said Tropper, who said they didn’t make a science fiction time travel movie . Stating that The Adam Project is a film that focuses on human relations, the scriptwriter said, “For me, it is more about the characters and story of this boy who lost his father and tries to confront what it means. I will never write a Christopher Nolan-style movie about time travel. “The movie aims to find the story that appeals to the little boy in all of us . 

The film follows Reynolds as he travels back in time to meet his 13-year-old self (Walker Scobell) in order to track down their father (Mark Ruffalo) in order to fix the future.

Ryan Reynolds' Time Travel-themed Netflix Movie

Tropper, who has been working on The Adam Project for 8 years , said that he first wrote the script in 2013 and that he struggled hard to bring the project to life with the right people at the right time. Stating that he did not only have his own hand in the script, Tropper explained that, along with director Shawn Levy , the film’s co-producer Reynolds also made an important effort to develop the script and his own character.

Trooper, “Ryan, very intelligent and a very special person. Not only his intelligence, but his sense of character is very sharp. “When he got involved in the project, we spent a lot of time getting the script into what it is now,” he said.

It is not clear for now when the movie The Adam Project will be released.

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