The Best Valheim Mods

We have  prepared the best valheim mods guide to improve your Valheim experience in early access .Improve your  quality of life with Valheim modes .

Since Valheim is still in early access and does not officially offer mod support, it may cause different results in your saved games. We recommend that you take a backup before installing any mods.

Best Valheim Mods

  • Valheim Plus
  • Craft from Containers
  • Buildshare
  • Forever build
  • First person mode
  • Map Sync
  • Equipment & Quick Slots
best valheim mods

Valheim Mods

Valheim Plus

The Valheim Plus mode aims to improve the quality of the game and life. The mod helps the player in crafting, processing and improving some in-game statistics.

Craft from Containers

Craft from containers mode allows you to use nearby resources in situations such as manufacturing, building, using ovens, fires, cooking, etc.


If you’ve watched players’ broadcasts on Youtube or Twitch, you may have seen that some of them have magnificent bases and castles. With Buildshare mode, you can transfer the amazing locations of many other players to your game.

Forever build

Building structures is very important in Valheim. If the parts are not sufficiently supported, they can crash and give you extra work. With Forever build, you can overcome this problem in single player mode.

First person mode

If you want to see the Viking world through your character’s eyes, this mod is for you

Map Sync

With the Map Sync mode, you can share your resources map progress with the F10 key while playing with your viking clan. Just stand next to the player and press the F10 key.

Equipment & Quick Slots

Inventory capacity is very limited in Valheim. With this mod, you can create additional sections for your helmet and armor and assign hotkeys for the inventory.

We have come to the end of our best valheim mods guide. We will update our list when new mods are released that will improve our gaming experience.

When installing mods in Valheim, remember this: Valheim is in early access and does not officially support mods. For this reason, with the updates coming, there may be changes in your existing game saves. Note that you may encounter any problems while installing the mod.

Good games.


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