Valheim The Best Weapons – Armor Sets List

Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List
Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List

Valheim The Best Weapons – Armor Sets List ;We have listed the best armor and weapon sets available in Valheim for you. We also provided information on how to get them.
Valheim continues to wreak havoc. One of the most successful examples of early access games, the game hosts millions of players. Although it is still in the early access stage, there are tons of content in the game. We have compiled the best examples of weapons and armor among these contents.

Weapons and armor will get stronger as you progress in the game, but we will give you tips to be strong at the beginning of the game. As you leave your carefully prepared living space, we will help you find what you need to buy among the limited items you can take with you.

The best guns in Valheim are those that have their own names. These weapons are one-shot weapons that operate completely independently of other sets and categories. Having these weapons early will be a great advantage for you.

Valheim The Best Weapons – Armor Sets List


Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List

The Stagbreaker is one of the most powerful weapons it can use at an early stage. This weapon, which becomes available after encountering the first boss and managing to defeat him, can be obtained by hunting wild boars and deer. This highly durable weapon also has strong defense and abilities. This weapon is also the only war hammer in the game. An indispensable breed for Vikings, famous for their close combat.

Draugr Fang:

Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List

Putting aside melee combat, the most powerful bow specially named in the game is the Draugr Fang. Until the final stages of the game, you will only have the Hunter Bow. But when you have enough resources to make Draugr Farng, this bow will be truly indispensable.
Although all arrows in the game are compatible with this bow, we recommend that you use the needle arrows that deal the heaviest damage. However, in case you encounter an enemy that is immune to this arrow type, you should definitely have the basic arrow types with you. In the final boss fight of the game, you will definitely need a remote combat weapon, and here Draugr Fang will come into play.


Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List

Finally, one should mention Frostner, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This melee ax is one of the best weapons in the game as it has flat damage as well as ice and spirit damage.

The best part of this weapon is that it is possible to do it even in the early stages of the game. You can make this weapon as soon as you buy Ymir Meat through the Trader Haldon in the game. So all you need is to find the merchant in the game. After exploring the Swamp and Mountains regions and collecting the old bark and frost glands, you will have no shortage to craft the weapon. The last resource you can access is silver, which you can get after the third boss fight. You can get Frostner by capturing it in the middle of the game with a clever forward-looking plan.

Valheim Best Weapon Set: Black Metal Set

Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List

You can only have these weapons, which are the most powerful set of weapons in the game, after the fourth boss battle. This will unlock the tool called the blast furnace, which allows you to craft black metal scraps after the boss fight. However, with this furnace, you can access a full black metal weapon. These are: ax, knife, sword, shield and atgeir.
Each of these weapons has the highest damage statistics found in the game. This set will probably be the weapons you want to carry with you while entering the game’s final boss battles. Although it is recommended to win the final boss battle with a ranged weapon, it is possible to win the war with this weapon set. If you have a character you play on stealth, the black metal knife is an especially powerful weapon

Valheim Best Armor: Wolf Armor

Valheim The Best Weapons - Armor Sets List

Wolf hide and silver are the materials you need to get the strongest armor available in Valheim. Silver is obtained from the third boss fight in the middle of the game. Once you have the Wishbone and reach the silver ore, our recommendation is to make this wolf armor set as soon as possible.
The wolf armor set includes four pieces of armor, including chest pieces, leg pieces and a fur cape. Although it has a different name than the rest of the set, the Drake Helmet is made using wolf skin and silver.
This armor is the second armor with the highest number of armor in the game and another advantage is that it completely protects you from the cold when you go to the Mountains region. If you don’t have access to these cold guards, you won’t be able to complete the fourth boss battle.
The set with the highest armor level in the game is the Padded Armor set and can be obtained by upgrading the wolf armor set. You will need materials of iron, linen, and yarn to craft this armor. Even if it looks weaker than the wolf armor in appearance, let’s point out that this is the strongest armor in the game.

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    Question though, I unlocked a recipe for a 2h frost hammer that uses silver and Ymir flesh… but I haven’t gotten a chance to compare the two since I don’t have the recipe for the iron hammer. Do you know if the iron is still better? Or is it just a damage type difference?


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