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Valheim Tips for Beginners

Valheim Tips for Beginners ;We have prepared a Valheim tips for beginners to the record-breaking early access Viking survival game Valheim . We step into the Viking world in Valheim.

Valheim Guide

Valheim Tips for Beginners

Abandoned houses

Valheim Tips for Beginners

At first you will need a place to shelter. You will find many abandoned shelters in the vicinity. In the first stage, you can light a fire there and spend the night. You will need a workbench in your home. You can set up your workbench and start building your home.

You will see many abandoned houses around you. By smashing these houses, you can meet your wood needs. Don’t waste time with your ax to dismantle these houses. You can set up a workbench instead and make this process quite fast.

Build a Bed

Valheim Tips for Beginners

The bed is very important in the game. Because it acts as a spawn zone. If you don’t have a bed, you will spawn every time you die where you first entered the game. You only need eight wood to build a bed.

Collect everything you find

Do not hesitate to collect items you find in the world of Valheim. This situation is very important for the progress of the game. You need to have everything at least once to expand your production network.

How To Repair Items

Once you have built your house and set up your workbench, you will now be able to repair your items. You can perform your repairs by clicking the hammer icon on the left of your menu.

Don’t be hungry

Health and endurance progress in direct proportion to abdominal fullness. You can hunt deer, pigs and fill your stomach with other foods such as mushrooms in the game. There is something you should not forget. Each food has a different effect on your health.

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