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VALORANT 2.06 PATCH NOTES ; Now that we have left Masters behind, we will be able to implement the Viper and Yoru arrangements as promised. We have shared the details below, but let’s also state that we will follow these regulations when they come into effect.

Put on your headphones and enjoy HRTF. HRTF technology will help you locate enemy footsteps, reload sounds, and respawn locations in a Clash of Death using simulated three-dimensional sounds. We also saw your love for the Climb mode. In return, we’re adding a little more fun to this mode with new skill updates and ammo variety.

Bucky, you are weak … No?






After Masters, we had the opportunity to make bigger adjustments to our agents, and Viper comes first. We reviewed many possible tweaks for the Viper, but ultimately decided on changes that would make its gameplay unique and reinforce its theme. Compared to other Control Specialists, we wanted the Viper to make bigger and final decisions, as a result of which it could completely change the map and the map-specific plans of the two sides. He must be able to dominate the regions with his power and intimidate his rivals. The poison ability will be even more threatening to enemies who think they can get through the cloud. Thus, the agent-specific Poison Curtain will hurt even more. A few other reinforcements have been made; New tools that allow learning and practicing positions to place skills have been added.

Poison (Passive)

Enemies passing through Viper’s Poison Cloud, Poison Veil, or Viper’s Lair will be instantly inflicted with at least 50 decay. Decay rate will increase according to the exposure time to the poison.

Decay rate decreased over time while inside the Poison Cloud: 15 >>> 10Reduced the time other agents had to wait before leaving Viper’s Poison Cloud to regen: 2.5 seconds. >>> 1.5 sec.

Poison Cloud (Q)It can now be relocated as soon as it is picked up, but it will add a temporary load rather than a permanent load.If Viper dies while Poison Cloud is active, it will remain on the map for two more seconds or until Viper runs out of fuel.The range that the bomb can be picked up on the ground has increased: 200 >>> 400
Poison Curtain (E)
If Viper dies while Poison Veil is active, it will remain on the map for two more seconds before disabling.The full blinding distance from the wall has been increased to better match the full blinding distance effective from the edges of the fog.
Acid Pool (C)
Equip time decreased: 1.1 sec. >>> 0.8 sec.
Training Mode Tools
In special games where cheats and unlimited abilities are activated, Viper will be able to take back the Poison Cloud and Poison Curtain by holding down the “activation button”.In special games where cheats and unlimited abilities are activated, the location where the Poison Cloud is placed will appear on the minimap when the skill is equipped.


We believe that Yoru’s excited powers have become difficult to reach due to a few restrictions. He is a unique Duelist in the agent roster, both in terms of pace and style of play. We want him to continue to be a strong candidate for creating good compositions and to have more consistent support for his team throughout the match.

Blind Spot (Q)
Blinding feature activation time decreased: 0.8 sec. >>> 0.6 sec.Blinding feature increased duration: 1.1 sec. >>> 1.5 sec.
Roof Gate (E)
Snapcap ability no longer regenerates after killing someone; instead it will refresh every 35 seconds.The duration of the crack sphere in the game has been increased: 20 sec. >>> 30 sec.The range of the poppet sphere to be visible decreased: 7 m >>> 4 mAdded visuals showing the visibility range of the moving sphere.
Interdimensional Shift (X)
Required ultimate score decreased: 7 >>> 6 Yoru can now reactivate the Cradle during Interdimensional Shift.


Nanosurge (C)
Killjoy can now reclaim his Nanosurge bombs during the purchase phase to restore his ability charge.

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We especially want to highlight Bucky’s basic shooting mode (left click). Thus, we hope you keep in mind the basic shooting mode instead of the alternate shooting mode (right click) when choosing Bucky. The alternative firing mode should be a tool that will do your job at ranges that cannot be reached with the basic firing mode, or to reliably deal a small amount of damage to the enemy. We’ve reduced the scatter rate in both modes to improve the weapon’s reliability and damage rate. In return for drastically reducing the number of shots of alternative shots, we increased its range as much as possible for a shotgun.

  • Basic shot (left click) scatter rate decreased: 3.4 >>> 2.6
  • Alternate shot (right click) scatter rate decreased: 3,4 >>> 2
  •  The damage rate of both basic and alternative shots has been updated.
    • 20 Damage per pellet from 0–8 meters
    • 12 Damage per pellet from 8–12 meters
    • 9 Damage per pellet from more than 12 meters away
  • The amount of pellets fired by the alternative shot decreased: 15 >>> 5



We’ve reworked some abilities to deepen gameplay, provide more dynamic combat, and make the ammunition range more exciting.


  • Raze ‘s Breathtaking ability now comes with two charges of Explosive Bags and these charges regen as soon as you hit the ground. We recommend that you keep your feet firmly on the ground!
  • Snowball Launcher now comes with Ice Skating . Thus, you will have more movement possibilities to avoid deadly weapons.
  • The Big Blade now comes with a charge of Like the Wind (Jett’s ability to dash forward) , which charges when you kill someone. Close the ranks!
  • Ammunition variety will be a little more surprising and you will rarely come across it. Do not forget to share with us which ones you love!


  • You can now view players’ careers from the in-game leaderboard.
    • We’ve heard that some of you want to know more about how the best of the game perform in matches. You will now be able to right-click on a player on the leaderboard to see the player’s match history, details about their match, and Stage Tier progress.
    • If you are on the leaderboard but do not want others to see you, you can choose to appear as “Secret Agent” using the setting in the client.


  • To improve clarity, only the mouse pointer will now be used to signal the mega map, not the sight.


Where do Raze’s footsteps come from? Is he walking in front of you or behind you? Thanks to your HRTF and your headphones, you will be able to determine the position of other players much better through the sounds they make.

HRTF technology uses a profile that takes into account many different measurements such as head size and ear shape. These dimensions are standard in the profile used by this technology. For this reason, people who use the feature for the first time may not find this feature very natural at first, depending on the similarities and differences of their own measurements and the dimensions of the profile. Since it will take time to get used to the new feature, we recommend that players take a chance on HRTF technology a few times. Outside of environments where you play under high stress, you can improve your interpretation of HRTF technology by training your ears to focus on sound. For this, we recommend that you practice a lot in special games or training mode! You can watch the demo video below.

  • Added the option to turn HRTF on and off in the audio settings panel.
    • HRTF technology allows players wearing headphones to hear sounds as simulated three-dimensional sounds.
    • Currently with HRTF enabled, only the sounds for steps, reloading and respawn in the Battle of Death will be rendered in 3D.
    • We recommend closing other 3D audio processing applications with this feature enabled.



  • Fixed the bug that caused the Bombot to explode when it hits Spike when Raze sends a Bombot in the Defenders area.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an unwanted delay when Viper disables Poison Orb and Poison Veil.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound heard by the player playing Yoru during Çatkapı was sometimes heard twice when passing through the teleporter.
  • Fixed a bug where Astra would appear to drop a star and not place a star when trying to place another star near an existing star.
  • Fixed an issue where Astra’s star aiming was inconsistent on stairs and ramps.
  • Fixed an issue where the agent played by players was not removed from the “captainable” list when detained.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cypher’s Secret Camera to break through Sage’s wall when placed near Sage’s Barrier Orb. Your numbers do not go unnoticed.
  • Fixed a bug where Omen following Astra after he died was able to target the map using Astra’s tools.
  • Fixed an issue causing Reyna and Yoru to suffer decay damage while transparent.

Life quality

  • Fixed an issue that caused the map to appear pink when using the Dark Shroud skill while spectating Astra Omen after he died.

Competitive mode

  • Fixed a bug where the Stage Tier Badge was showing mixed up your best wins.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Hide Stage Tier” button would appear when viewing a friend’s career page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing party leaders from throwing scouts in the custom game lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the combat score of the last round was sometimes not displayed correctly.


  • Fixed an issue preventing AFK alerts from appearing on the end of game screen.
  • Fixed a bug where players with a contact zoom were unable to see the description text they should see when attempting to enter their ranked queue.
  • A countdown timer has been added to show when players with rank restrictions can enter ranked games after being penalized.
  • Fixed an issue where in-team voice chat phrases were sometimes not appearing at the end of the tour.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of special characters and some spelling marks in the comment field in the Report Player menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused innocent players to be AFK suspended in matches that were canceled due to Vanguard detecting cheats.
    • We apologize to you very much for this. We removed the penalties on the accounts of players affected by this situation.

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