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VALORANT Cypher Guide: Best Tactics

VALORANT Cypher Guide: Best Tactics ;We shared the features of Cypher, one of the VALORANT characters, and the best tactics to facilitate using these features.

Who is Cypher?

Cypher is a VALORANT agent who spies for his team . By detecting where his enemies are, he traps them. He takes advantage of his abilities while trapping his enemies.

VALORANT Cypher Guide: Best Tactics

Cypher’s Traits / Capabilities

Hidden Camera (Spycam)

You can use the spy kemara feature to track enemies and areas. Thanks to this ability of Cypher, you can place the camera in the targeted location and locate any player in the game.

Cyber ​​Cage

When you use Cypher’s cyber cage feature, you set up a cage that blocks the sight of enemies and makes your job difficult. This feature will slow down enemies passing through the area you set up.

Booby Trap (Trapwire)

Thanks to this skill of Cypher, you set up a secret wire of trap for enemies. This wire; It binds enemies that pass by, shaking and revealing them. When it explodes, it creates a temporary blindness effect on enemies.

Neural Theft

Using a person who died in the neuron thief, you can reveal the location of all living enemy players.

Best Spycam Placements

  • Once your Spycam is deployed, it will remain there until either it is destroyed or you get it back, or until the end of the round. There is no timer attached to this ability.
  • The key to success when using Spycam is to avoid being too predictable. Do not always place your cameras in the same spots.
  • When an enemy destroys your Spycam (which can be done with a single shot from any weapon), the wait time before deploying another camera is longer than if you took the camera on your own.
  • You don’t need line of sight to get your camera back, but you have to be within a certain distance.
  • Another key to success with Spycam is to use the minimap. Even if you are not looking at your Spycam, enemies caught by the camera will appear on the minimap within the camera’s field of view.
  • It’s not always a good idea to fire a tracking dart as soon as your camera sees an enemy. If your camera is in a strong position and the enemy did not notice it, it is better to keep quiet and keep the position of the camera so that you can continue to take advantage of it.

Best Trapwire Tactics

  • As with Spycam, the biggest mistake you will make when using the Trapwire feature is to be predictable.
  • There is a maximum distance in how long a single Trapwire can go. You cannot create a wire of trap that is quite long and covers the map.
  • You can place a Trapwire on a horizontal surface as well as walls. In most cases it is better to place trap wires on the walls, but sometimes vertical trap wires can be useful as well.
  • Unless you encounter inexperienced players, your chance to stun the enemy decreases with the trap you set. But knowing where your enemy is will give you an advantage.
  • Your purpose when placing a Trapwire; is to position an enemy so that they cannot pass completely without breaking or activating the trap.
  • Do not place the Trapwire so low that an enemy can jump over it. And likewise, don’t place it high enough that they can jump over it.

Best Cyber ​​Cage Tactics

  • It takes about 7 seconds after being activated.
  • The slowing effect occurs specifically through cage contact of an enemy rather than affecting everyone in the cage as you’d expect.
  • You can throw a Cyber ​​Cage on a Trapwire and when you hear the Trapwire trigger, you can activate it.
  • You don’t need to be in line of sight and within a certain distance to activate a Cyber ​​Cage. If you want, you can activate a Cyber ​​Cage from the other end of the map.
  • It’s usually a good idea to activate Cyber ​​Cage right after launch so you can quickly hide or end an encounter.

Best Neural Theft Tactics

  • You can only work on a new body.
  • Note that Neural Theft is not instantly activated. There is a cooldown of approximately 2 seconds before enemy positions appear.
  • Cypher’s skill; It does not give your team any precise information about the enemy’s whereabouts, only an outline of where the enemies were at the moment the ability was activated.

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