VALORANT Raze Guide Best Tactics and Tips

VALORANT Raze Guide Best Tactics and Tips

VALORANT Raze Guide Best Tactics and Tips ;We shared tactics and tips for Raze, one of the popular characters of VALORANT, to increase your game quality.

Getting to Know Raze Closely

Of all the agents featured in VALORANT, Raze is perhaps the last character to be opposed. The skill set is all about dealing damage and repelling. While grasping his abilities is fairly easy, it’s more complex than it seems. Our guide for Raze will walk you through some tactics and tips to get the most out of this flamboyant character.

Valorant Raze

Raze’s Traits and AbilitiesValorant Raze Skill Set

Explosive Bag

It is a skill used to annihilate your opponents by sticking them to any surface. You can think like C4. When the damage is done, it explodes in place and damages enemies.

Color Bomb

It is a series of grenades. Each turns into grenades that damage anyone within range, dealing damage and creating sub ammunition.


Using the ability will deploy the boat and cause it to move in a straight line on the ground and bounce off walls. Boom Bot locks onto any enemies in its front cone and chases them, exploding to deal heavy damage when it reaches them.


Allows Raze to use a rocket launcher. This ultimate skill deals a lot of damage ,  but only has one charge.

Best Explosive Bag Tactics

  • Just like the Clink Bomb, the Explosive Bag deals friendly fire damage. Be careful when using Explosive Bags around your teammates. But unlike the Color Attack Bomb, the Explosive Bag doesn’t hurt yourself, so you can use it to transport yourself to otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • For those who want to constantly raise themselves up with an Explosive Bag, the trick is to anchor the pack under the wall itself, then jump over it and detonate.
  • You can detonate the Explosive Bag immediately after launching it. It doesn’t have to be on the ground for you to explode it.
  • As with the Color Action Bomb, there is a significant delay of at least 1 second before firing again after launching an Explosive Bag, so be careful not to expose yourself too much when using it.
  • You cannot hit an Explosive Bag to destroy it, but you can destroy it with abilities like Color Impact Bomb .
  • You can detonate both Explosion Packs to launch yourself over extreme distances. Thus, you can see where the enemy is from the air and give the necessary information to your team.

Best Color Action Bomb Tactics

  • After throwing the grenade, you have to wait more than 1 second to be able to fire with your gun again. So be careful because enemies can hear your voice when you pull the pin and rush towards you at that moment.
  • The first grenade explodes after 3 seconds regardless, but the sub ammo’s timer starts only after it has settled on a surface. This means you can throw your bomb at a high altitude, rain down lower ammunition over a much larger area, and spread the ability’s damage.
  • Color Attack Bomb is an extremely powerful technique to punish enemies pushing from behind the Sage barrier.
  • The Color Bomb is a great tool for making noise and distracting the opposing team. Useful for confusing the opposing team when the rest of your team is going elsewhere.
  • Right-clicking to launch Paint Shells causes a bottom-rather than a normal upper-handed shot. This is situationally useful for very close range engagements, but when traveling no more than 10 meters in this way, the overhead shot will easily cover two or three times that distance.

Best BomBot Tactics

  • If BomBot manages to detonate an enemy, it deals 125 damage ; that’s enough to kill a perfectly healthy enemy with light armor.
  • BomBot causes significant noise in both its initial release and its subsequent action. This reveals your place to the opponent team, so it is useful to think twice when using BomBot.
  • In most cases, BomBot never gets a chance to do the great damage it promises. But if you set the time right, it can be very useful as a distraction. Look around the corner as the enemy hits the BomBot and salute your free kill.
  • The BomBot can be pushed for quite a distance by detonating an Explosive Bag nearby. You can push it through ledges or give an unexpected burst of speed to potentially catch an enemy off guard.

Best Breathtaking Tactics

  • Stunning deals 20 to 150+ damage based on the target’s proximity to the center of the blast . A direct hit is guaranteed to kill.
  • Firing the rocket pushes yourself backwards and you can use this acceleration for the bunny .
  • You can link the Explosive Bag and the Breathtaking to fly through the air and fire the rocket from above. There is no movement error on the rocket, so it will go exactly where you point it.
  • You can switch weapons and fight normally while the timer is counting down, and this ability does not cancel. However, if you want to refill, you will have to wait for its animation to fully occur.
  • You can bait players by preparing Breathtaking and then immediately switching to your regular weapon. Players will think you are an easy target, but they will be the hunted themselves on their way to the hunt.

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