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What is Among Us Thanos Mode? How to play?

What is Among Us Thanos Mode? How to play? ;We reviewed the Thanos mode, one of the Among us game modes. Details are in our article.

New Update Among Us What is Thanos Mode?

As you know, Among Us modes are used a lot these days . In our previous article, we talked about some popular game modes. Especially the sheriff, doctor and joker mode was used quite a lot. Thanos mode is; system Impostor (rogue) as the players chosen by Marvel’s Infinity Saga ‘s poor and a mode for converting the immortal name that Thanos. In the mod, Thanos gets new powers based on infinity stones and can eliminate the deceased player in addition to the kill option. Thus, no bodies can be found and reported.

How to Play Among Us Thanos Mode?

Popular YouTubers and programmers Sub & Fletch are responsible for making this mod. The Thanos mode is also available to other content creators in the Among Us community. Although download is not possible at this time, players can join a server using the Thanos mod. They can also learn about the mod by talking to the mod’s creators on Twitter or various platforms. Thanos mod gives the crook extra new abilities. In addition to the ” Kill” and ” Sabotage” buttons in the game, players can also take advantage of upcoming buttons such as “Reality Stone”, “Mind Stone”, “Spirit Stone”, “Space Stone” and “Infinity Stones”.

  • Reality Stone: allows Thanos to turn the map upside down, making it difficult to move around and complete missions in-game.
  • Mind Stone: Allows Thanos to exercise mind control over a teammate.
  • Space Stone: Allows Thanos to teleport wherever he wants to go on the map.
  • Spirit Stone: Thanos allows the crook to resurrect a killed player, making them loyal to him and a second crook.

When Thanos uses the “Kill” button, there will be a player’s dead body in-game for players to find, report, or revive Thanos. But if Thanos chooses to use the “Snap” button instead, the dead body disappears and there is no sign of being killed.

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